Building a network
for the future

We believe that water should not be sold for profit.
It should be free and available for everyone.

Great Partnerships

Our network of Refill Stations is built on the backbone of partnerships with great businesses around the world. We partner with coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses to offer up their tap so you can find water when you need it.

Water is everywhere

When you’re on the go, and want a drink of water, bottled water is often the most convenient solution. It’s not always ideal or cost effective. Water is a natural resource and should be available to everyone for free when they need it.

An app to access free water

We developed an app to allow you to find Refill Stations in a matter of seconds (5 seconds, we counted). Whether you’re on your way to a meeting, out for a run, or even exploring a new city, you can find free water.

The perfect bottle

We wanted to make sure every aspect of your water drinking experience was awesome. So we designed the perfect bottle with you in mind. It’s made from high quality, non-porous borosilicate glass. It’s very durable and extremely clean. This way you can taste the water, not the bottle.

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