Tap is the solution
to a big problem

At this rate the amount of single use plastics ending
up in oceans will outweigh fish by 2050.

The Alternative

Like most of you, we got tired of having to spend money on overpriced bottled water every time we were thirsty away from home. For the most part the water you’re paying good money for is the same stuff you’re flushing your toilet with. What it comes down to is convenience, so we created Tap to give everyone a better option.

Our Approach

We realized that water is everywhere and we just needed to connect people to it in an environmentally friendly way, oh and for free. We partner with businesses with access to clean drinking water and make it available for you. The additional foot traffic benefits these businesses; you get free water, and everybody wins.

Average Cost per Litre


Bottled Water



Quality Products

We spent over 6 months prototyping and testing materials for our first Tap Bottle. Our bottles are made from high-quality borosilicate glass and were designed to be beautifully simple and versatile. We devote the same attention and detail to our app and network to give you a quality experience.

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